youre gonna look so godamn cool

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i love how innocent we all look but in reality we read gay smut all day 

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This is what you get when you start using Tumblr too much, lol. - http://puu.sh/9LNK0/075ead7aa6.png

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This hit too close to home…..I fucking love it xD

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  • It’s alright to hate driving and it’s alright to not want to drive and you’re not a coward if you refuse to drive a car
  • Food isn’t your enemy and your body isn’t designed to look like the ones on magazine covers and you’re still fucking beautiful anyway
  • You do need a certificate…

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Trinket Geek recently reached 1000 followers, thanks to each and every one of you! To celebrate we are having a giveaway of our popular Pokemon type pendants!


  1. You must be following Trinket Geek on Tumblr
  2. You must reblog this post in full


  1. You can reblog once every day, each will be counted as a chance to win! (you may not exceed once a day)
  2. Your blog must be at least be a week old
  3. No give away only blogs!
  4. Your blog must be active (blogs with no posts will not be counted)


• The prize for this give away is one of each pokemon type pendant from Trinket Geek, derived from the TCG, that’s 11 pendants in total!

Anyone can enter, I ship worldwide! The winner will be chosen by a random generator.

There will be ONE (1) winner!

Give away ends on Tuesday 17th June.


EDIT: Since multiple people have asked, yes, all the pendants are already available to buy here. :)

Only today and tomorrow left! Winner will be drawn tomorrow!:D

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